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What is a doula?

A doula is a woman who is trained in helping expectant parents through pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum care.

Birth doulas stay with the mother through her entire labor, helping her cope with pain and providing emotional, physical and spiritual support. They are sometimes called birth assistants or labor coaches.

Postpartum doulas help new mothers with breastfeeding, newborn care and other duties around the house to make her transition to parenthood a smooth one. Note: Safe Passage does not offer postpartum doula service. See Online Resources for information on postpartum doulas.

The word doula comes from the Greek word meaning female servant. Doulas are proud to honor women in childbirth by serving them in the ways they need it most. They "mother the mother," guiding and nurturing them through this transformati ve event. Doulas understand that memories of birth stay with a mother all her life, and they work to make those memories positive and joyous.

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