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Maggi Rohde, Doula
Dundee, Michigan


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My Philosophy About Birth

Birth is normal. Women have been perfectly designed to nurture babies in their wombs and bring them into the world in a healthy way. The ideal situation is one in which this process can be allowed to happen naturally, and I believe this is possible in most cases.

If complications do arise, I help you to understand your choices for pain medication or other technology, so that you can make your own best decisions. I will try to let you know about all available options, and trust you to decide what's truly best for you and your family.

Pregnancy and birth is a powerful, transformative event for everyone: the mother, her partners, the entire family. Every birth is a sacred and unique event. There is more than one good way to have a baby, and I can help you hold your birth memory as a positive and joyous one, regardless of the circumstances.

I believe the best way to ensure you'll have a satisfying birth experience is through education, awareness, and effective communication between families and care providers. I believe as a doula that I can help provide those services.

My number-one priority is helping you have the birth you want, no matter what that kind of birth may be.

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