Resources - Creating Web Sites
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Recommended Books

Wolinksy, Art. Creating and Publishing Web Pages on the Internet. Enslow Publishers, 1999. An excellent introductory text.

McFedries, Paul. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating A Web Page, 4th ed. Que Education and Training, 1999. Another very good, very simple introduction.

Weinman, Lynda and Jon Warren Lentz. Deconstructing Web Graphics.2. A tutorial for working with and designing web graphics.

Sherwin, Gregory and Emily Avilia. Connecting Online : Creating a Successful Image on the Internet. Oasis Press, 1998. A concise how-to guide for marketing your web site.

Helpful Web Sites


Conceptualization basics:


HTML basics:
Advanced HTML tutorials:
HTML editor reviews:
More editor reviews:


Learn good design by looking at bad design:
Working with web graphics:
More on web graphics:
Helpful color chart with built-in testing:
Browser-safe color chart: