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Teaching Your Kids About Sex:

Books for Parents

These books are for parents, to help them prepare for their part in the sex education process. All books can be found at Amazon.com.

Sex is More Than A Plumbing Lesson
by Patty Stark
203 pages
Published by Preston Hollow, 1992 - ISBN: 0962946303

This is the perfect book for parents who are anxious about their children's sexual development and who want them to have strong morals, but who aren't sure they know just how to go about doing it. Stark assumes parents can get the "plumbing lesson" elsewhere, and focuses on the most important parts of sex education: creating an open, honest atmosphere in which children may grow, surrounded by well-modeled examples of loving behavior. To this end, the book asks parents to take a hard look at their own lives: are you providing a good example for your children? If you aren't, how can you change that? In addition to short explanations about developmental stages (from infancy through teen years) and answering a few sample questions, Stark provides a framework on which families can build a healthy attitude about sex.

Talking with your Child About Sex
by Mary Calderone
153 pages
Published by Preston Hollow, 1981 - ISBN: 0345313798

In contrast to the previous choice, this book is perfect for families who already feel great about teaching their kids about sex. Laid out in a question-and-answer format and written by two sex educators, it moves in a stage by stage process from infancy to pre-teen years. Each chapter is prefaced by a description of the kind of information the child may be seeking at that time, based on his or her developmental stage. The questions are fairly standard; it's the answers that are thought-provoking, and well worth reading. A great preparatory for brand-new families, as well as parents of older children.

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